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Modus VENTURES is a dynamic, entrepreneurial group which strives towards business excellence through a passionate commitment to continuous improvement.

To ensure recipe authenticity, Modus sources many products and ingredients from India, and over time has developed a substantial import and distribution operation which now encompasses consumer brands that are delivered to wholesalers and retailers throughout Thailand.

Vegetarian food, with high quality Indian recipes and ingredients, is at the heart of the business, and will always be a central ideology. The company’s first venture in 2010 saw the launch of “Saras”, a vegetarian restaurant situated in the heart of Bangkok that uniquely offers an extensive range of regional foods from across India. The concept has been a great success with both local residents and tourists alike, and the company has embarked upon an expansion program -, and in recognition of the busy lifestyles of most Bangkokians, the company is now introducing Saras in popular tourist locations with smaller outlets offering Saras’s signature dishes.

Whilst food retailing, catering and manufacturing have become significant components of the Modus business, the company has not forgotten its roots in IT. Modus represents, exclusively in Thailand, a number of Indian software products offering specialized IT solutions, as well as providing skilled and creative consultancy.

Its recently launched “Linkonnect” job portal that aims to connect both business and domestic work opportunities with workers from ASEAN countries is another prime example of the company’s forward-thinking and innovative approach to new market opportunities.

One part of the meal occasion that is very important in Indian cuisine is desserts, of which there is a huge variety. The wide range required and the fragile nature of the products makes external sourcing difficult, and in order to guarantee quality Modus has set up manufacturing facilities to produce a wide range of dessert lines. These are available in the company’s restaurants and are supplied to other outlets and catering operations throughout Thailand.

Complementary to the restaurant business, Modus has developed a wide-ranging catering operation that includes food items, ingredients and equipment. The company has built a strong reputation for providing all the culinary requirements for Indian weddings and festivals. A deep understanding of the country’s culture and its regional variations ensures that cuisines are individually created to best suit each specific occasion.

Combining its food and IT expertise, Modus is launching “Foodcart” an innovative experimental concept that will allow customers to order Indian groceries on-line mainly the company’s imported product lines. Once this trial has been evaluated, Modus will investigate the opportunity to open its own retail outlets.


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“More important than what we do is the passion with which we do it!”